How To Get Your Ex Back – The SUPERCHARGED 5 Step Guide

win your ex backRelationship breakups are really heart breaking. It is disappointing to live without the person you love most in your life. You are ready to do anything to get your ex back, you are ready to beg to your ex to get back in your life. WAIT! Read this carefully this is not the right way to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back.

If you search for how to get your ex back then you will find there are thousands of relationship courses from relationship courses that promises to help you in getting your ex back but let me tell you honesty. Most of these online ex back courses are just useless.

Do you think you able to get your ex back by dating with someone else just to make your ex jealous?

Do you think you able to get your ex back by pretending to don’t care about your previous relationship?

Do you think you able to get your ex back when you somehow trick them to sleep with you?

Do you think you able to get your ex if you tell your friends and family members that you love them and need their help?

If you use any of these tricks you only will be destroying your chances for getting your ex for long lasting relationship. You may able to get your ex by tricking them but this will be only short-lived. Your ex will leave you again by finding the old problems in relationship are still there.

If you want your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend to come back in your life and stay with you forever then you can’t go to old relationship without fixing the problems that lead to breakup in the first place.

After breakup you have wonderful opportunity to re-discover the love, passion and emotions that you had once before getting into your previous relationship. Here I want to point out that you just can’t get your ex back by just searching about how to get your ex back or by reading hundreds of books on getting ex back. You have to make your efforts if you want to get into relationship once again with your ex.

And the advice and steps you going to find in this website will surely help you in recovering from deep pain of breakup and help you in connecting with your ex on deep emotional level so your bond will get stronger with every passing day.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is…

“Just Because You Got Breakup In Relationship That Doesn’t Mean You Are Bad Person”

If you want to make yourself capable to win your ex back again then you have to stop blaming yourself. Breakups are part of relationship and even strongest couple sometime suffer from breakup as well. Just because you are suffering from breakup doesn’t mean you are bad person.

Keep in mind, strongest couples are not the ones that live happy every time. They are the ones that know from their personal experience how to grow love when things are not in right track.

So, Are you ready to work on yourself and bring your ex back in your life without losing your self-confidence?

Alright let’s start…

Are You Ready To Get Your Ex Back?

how to get your ex backIn this website, you are going to find 5 steps to bring your ex back in your life. All these 5 steps are equally important and you just can’t skip any one of them just because you don’t like it. These 5 steps help you in becoming better person that your ex can’t ignore.

In the 1st Step you are going to learn how to recover from the immediate grief that you get right after the breakup.

Once you re-gain control over your emotions then in the 2nd step you will find out reasons and causes that lead to breakup. You just can’t go to old relationship with just a simple apology. You have to fix the old problem that leads to breakup to win your ex back once again.

In the 3rd Step you will find strategies that help you overcome your angry feelings. It is impossible to experience breakup without feeling anger, broken, fear of rejection etc. And if you want your ex back in your life then you have to remove these feelings from yourself.

You will get together with your ex in the 4th Step. Don’t jump to this step without doing previous three steps. This is because a little break is important in the relationship as this will increase your value and creates the feeling of loss in your ex’s mind.

The 5th Step is very important because you will learn how to talk about the breakup with your ex. It is impossible for couples to not talk about breakup once they meet after few months. Therefore, in this step you will learn how to talk with your ex and end your conversation on good and joyful level.

All these 5 steps are equally important and your success is depend on these 5 steps. I believe in you and I know you are strong enough to complete these steps and win your ex once again.

Step #1 – Get Out From Immediate Grief:

get out from griefAfter breakup I know you are getting all sort of terrible feelings from time to time. It is difficult to spend time without the one you love most in your life.

First thing to do is, stop contacting your ex

The best way to get out from this immediate grief of losing someone is to stop contacting them.

Yes! I know it is really difficult for you to stop all the contact ways with the one you love most but for the sake of getting your ex back you have to take this step and you can ignore it in any way. If you contact your ex without being in control of your emotions then most probably you will hurt your chances of getting them.

If doesn’t matter how happy your ex is looking these days, you have to understand your ex is also suffering from the terrible feeling of breakup. If you try to beg for one more chance it will simply hurt you only.

Breakup is terrible for both the parties in a relationship and both the persons have to overcome from this grief to think about the future of the relationship.

Focus on Opportunity:

If you want to win your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back then you have to understand that your breakup doesn’t happen from no where. There is solid reasons behind it and now you have opportunity to focus on your old relationship and look where it is not perfect.

Never try to contact your ex until you find out these reasons and take advantage of the opportunity to improve your relationship.

Keep in mind that your breakup didn’t happen just because you did something wrong or you said something wrong or you were not prettier enough to be with your ex or you gave too much to your ex for too little efforts.

It is good to don’t blame yourself or your ex for the breakup. Now you have the opportunity to put your old relationship under the scanner and look what are reasons behind the breakup. Take a look at these 4 steps to get out from Grief

Step #2 – Analyze:

The biggest problem is many men and women think their breakup was a mistake but the thing they don’t know is single action or few words can’t create full-blown breakup. Breakups happen only when there are solid reasons behind it.

Now you are not with your ex and this is right time for you to find what reasons lead to breakup. If you stop taking interest in your ex or you stop allowing your ex to hang out with his or her friends. Think about the past events happen in your relationship and you will surely find some reasons for the breakup.

You can’t get your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back in your life again without knowing the reasons behind the relationship and ensuring them they don’t happen again in your new relationship with your ex.

Step #3 – Control Your Anger:

Here I want to say it loudly, “If you get your ex without controlling your anger then you will be pushing them further from you”

Overcome angerThe problem is, we are more satisfying in fixing something we break rather than fixing issues that make us broke things in the first place.

For example, if we bump on the table and glass vessel fall off to the floor then our first reaction would be to fix the glass vessel. We are not ready to fix the underlying issue that makes us to bump on the table.

Similarly if you don’t control your anger and only fix the mistakes that happened in the previous relationship then you only end up having leaky vessel which will break sooner or later. You have to guarantee that if you replace old vessel with new one then it would not happen again.

This is very crucial step…

Most people like to jump from 1st to 4th step (initiating contact with ex) without fixing the problems and then they either end up losing their chance of getting ex or their relationship wouldn’t last long enough.

You wouldn’t get your ex back until you change yourself or your ex. And the only person you can control is YOU.

I am creating and testing my personal 3-step action plan and once it done then I will share it with you.

Step #4 – Initiate Contact:

I would like to congratulate you if you make it to this step without contacting your ex. However, if you contact your ex in between or you skip the other steps then I would strongly suggest you to start from the first step again as above three steps are very crucial for your success in getting your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back.

By cutting off your contact with your ex you will get numerous benefits such as:

  • You will overcome from the terrible feelings of breakup
  • You will get more time to search about how to get your ex back and read this website couple to times to understand it better
  • You will get time to work on yourself and re-create a new and fresh life
  • You will allow your ex to feel the taste of life living without you.

If you initiate contact without going no contact with your ex then it will only hurt your chances and you will NOT get your ex back.

Step #5 – Talking About Breakup

This is very important step for how to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back because this step not only help you to get your ex back but also keep them with you forever. However, I decided to create this plan as an email series. This will provide you each tip every day so you can use it with maximum benefits.

So, subscribe to this email series by entering your email and name only and you will receive each lesson every day.


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